Vic Allen is the owner of Vic’s Family Pharmacy, which has been serving the residents of Treasure Valley since 1988.  A typical day might find Vic in the lab compounding a thyroid replacement for a patient whose commercial medication has been discontinued; or preparing a topical cream for a patient suffering from a painful condition who cannot take an oral medication; or preparing a tasty treat for a dog who won’t take his pills.

Vic has degrees in chemistry and pharmacy, both from Idaho State University.    His business philosophy is straight forward and simple:  “Our mission is to improve the quality of our patients’ lives any way we can.  What sets us apart from other pharmacies is that we are very good at meeting special needs.  The most important thing I want is for our clients to feel we are open to answering questions, and we will take time with them.  We want to make sure they have the knowledge and instruction to be comfortable with the medication they receive.”