Compounding for Birds
Compounding Medications for Birds
Owning a bird as a pet has been popular since the early 1800’s.  It has been only recently, however, that the health and management of pet birds has become a real concern of the pet bird breeder, owner and veterinarian.  Due to the variety of bird species that can be kept as pets, there are numerous considerations that must be taken to assure the proper health and well being of your pet bird; not the least of which is medication therapy when your bird becomes injured or ill.
At Vic’s Family Pharmacy, located in Nampa, ID, we specialize in formulating medications for birds that meet the most stringent compounding standards.  We can help you and your veterinarian find the medication that best fits your bird’s needs; in a delivery form and strength that increases compliance, reduces side effects, and eliminates the stress of medication administration.
Benefits of a Compounded Medication
Our highly trained pharmacists have the ability to custom make medications in our state of the art compounding laboratory.  This process is called “prescription compounding”.  Compounding medications allows for:
  • Unique delivery vehicles to be utilized (i.e., treats, topical sprays, flavored oral suspensions, etc.).  These unique forms of delivery may make administering medications easier, more pleasant, and potentially more effective.
  • Medicines to be concentrated based on individual need; which maximizes therapeutic outcomes while potentially reducing side effects.  
  • Multiple medications to be combined to form a customized medication. This may speed the healing process and save consumers valuable time and money, eliminating the need of switching from one therapy to the next.
When Might Birds Require Special Medications?
Just like humans, birds can become sick for a wide variety of reasons.  Common problems are infections by bacteria, fungi, yeast or viruses, or attack by parasites such as gut worms or mites and lice.  In addition, injuries to a bird’s wings, beak, or feathers can also be a concern to a pet bird owner.
Creating Customized Delivery Forms for Birds
We can create medications in the following delivery forms that will increase compliance, reduce the stress of administration, and maximize the potential for therapeutic success:
•Oral Gels   •Oral Suspensions   •Oral Treats   •Topical Sprays
•And more!
Is a Compounded Prescription Right for My Bird?
  • Talk to your Veterinarian - Discuss compounding as a treatment option, and let your veterinarian know you heard about prescription compounding from Vic’s Family Pharmacy.
  • Contact Us - To inquire about potential treatment strategies, and how Vic’s Family Pharmacy can help your bird.