Compounding for Acne
What Causes Acne in Adolescents?
If your child is in or around the teenage years, chances are pretty good that he/she has some acne. In fact about it’s estimated that 8 in 10 preteens and teens have acne.   Acne is very common and is considered a normal part of the maturation process.
Acne is caused by oil clogging the pores in your skin. The buildup of oil and bacteria can cause your child’s skin to become red and inflamed.   Acne commonly begins during puberty, due to the hormonal changes your child’s body is undergoing; and it is these hormones that cause your child’s skin to produce more oil.  The two main types of acne are comedonal acne, consisting of whiteheads and blackheads, and inflammatory acne, with red and sometimes tender papules, pustules and cysts.
How is Acne Treated?
Your child’s primary care physician or dermatologist has many options at hand to help treat the specific type of acne your child is suffering from.  Medications that are commonly prescribed include:
•Benzoyl Peroxide   •Salicylic Acid   •Tretinoin (Retin-A)   •Various Antibiotics
There are also several other types of medications that can be utilized as well.  These medications come in various strengths, and delivery forms.   However, if your child has an allergy to an inactive ingredient in the medication, or suffers a side-effect due to the strength of the medication, he/she may not be able to take or tolerate what is commercially available.
Compounding Medications for Acne
Our compounding pharmacists have the ability to custom make several different types of medications to treat acne.  These medications are custom made to meet your child’s unique needs and can be created in multiple strengths, delivery forms, and consist of multiple ingredients; creating a medication that is effective, well tolerated, and easy to use.
Is a Compounded Prescription for Fever Right for My Child?
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